Labyrinth the movie


Jareth and Sarah II


This work is based on the characters Jareth and Sarah from the movie Labyrinth played by David Bowie and Jennifer Connolly. It was created using my wacom tablet and I tried to imagine what happened to Sarah after she ate the peach. There is also a little yin yang theme going on here.

Contemplative Hoggle



Another piece of digital art produced using my wacom tablet.

Jareth and Sarah I


A very early digital piece that I made again using my wacom tablet. I’ve since lost the original file and wish I’d kept a larger copy. I made this after doing a disappointing acrylic version.

Don’t lose your Head


A quick sketch of a fiery that I did using Painter 12 and my wacom tablet. I applied a paper effect to the background as I couldn’t be bothered to paint it in.

Sarah at the masked ball



Done using painter 12 with a watercolour brush and a wacom tablet.

Forget the baby


Done using painter 12 – this one went slightly wrong and his eyes look a little scary.

Absolutely Labyrinth



I had this thought about what happened after the movie – maybe sarah grew up and forgot all about the events that day – unil one day whilst walking through a scene from the music video to Bowies song “Absolute Beginners” The two catch each others eye…

All I do each Night Is prey


Someone asked me to paint them an own and incorporate the colour purple into the painting. I did this scene with the owl from the start of the movie Laybrinth.

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